Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Hi Everyone,

I have been very busy !  I have just started week three of Michelle Bridges 12WBT, I have lost 2.1kg already and I have lots more energy from exercising.  I have a mini challenge to achieve!! On the 19th March I am going on annual leave from my day job and by this time I will wipe off that 4.2kg from my 14.2kg frame!  I know I can do this!! Mich  says that week three is a week point for people and I would have to agree but I am on a mission to get out of those black pants!!! 

Monday, 30 January 2012

Black Pants Syndrome Update!

Hello everyone,

I have been running/walking 30 minute sessions on that treadmill ( in between watching the tennis!)  But one thing I was thinking about the next day after my quads were hurting it is no wonder people stop exercising when you think about the pain we go through to get that rush of feel good emotions. I suppose its a bit like child birth in a way;  'it hurts  for a while but then you get the baby at the end and you feel like your on top of the world!' well that's how is was for me anyway. 

 I didn't play netball this season as I had glandular fever but last year we got into the grand final and won! but I remember it was the journey getting there that was the best part.  In the finals we were one goal down (I stuffed up a pass) and I pushed myself so hard that game to get that ball into the ring to our GS Jane with a minute on the clock, thankfully I got that ball into the GS and Jane had a penalty shot and we won the match! I was on a high for a week!

 I want that feeling of euphoria again!  I want to feel that emotion again! So even though after training I feel the pain the only way to get what I want  is to KEEP TRAINING!

I commit to my self that I will loose the 14.2kg of FAT from my body which will result in increased confidence, allow me to go rock climbing with my daughter, play netball again, coach netball confidently and be a good role model to the netballers I coach, go down a water slide with my daughter, practice shooting with my netball crazy 15 year old, enjoy alone time with my husband with out the feeling of embarrasment, have more energy to design and attend to my garden, to fit into a pair of jeans, to be more confident to seek out other adventures what ever they maybe. I accept that there will be with out a doubt UPS and DOWNS along my journey but that is not a reason to quit, it is a reason to keep going!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

A big wake up call!

     I have done my body measurements and I will measure again in two weeks! I even took a photo of  my self trying to fit into the Jeans I want to fit into. Is it really possible?  I'm not comfortable putting them up for the world to see yet. It was like a slap in the face! A big wake up call! My fifteen year old is very fit and loves netball ( I was at that age too) but I still need to be a good role model. My nine year old is at that age where my actions in everything I do influences her life and how she forms her own belief and values.

   After reading a lot of other peoples stories on the forums on Michelle Bridges 12 WBT and on blogs I realise that I am lucky that I don't smoke or drink. I might have a glass of wine or beer a few times a year! It would be difficult to tackle this issue as well!    I bought a polar heart rate watch and I cant believe the difference its made, I have a heart rate target and its up to me to keep in that zone and now I am loving the challenge. I record the details from the watch to the polar training web page and I can see at a glance my training sessions. A DAY AT A TIME!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Photo's tell the truth!!

I have been putting off for days to photograph myself with just a bra and nickers!  I finally bit the bullet today and did it.  I knew I would get the shock of my life but nothing prepared me for the utter devastating emotion that I am feeling right now.  To face it head on is so confronting but know I now why clothes don't fit, my body is so out of proportion..I am so embarrrassed!! Well I have done it and the photos are safely stored on a USB key until I am comfortable sharing them, which now I am no where near comfortable!  I need time to digest what I look like in reality.  I feel like hiding in a corner! but that's literally what I have been doing! Hiding behind those black pants like I am invisible!, so I don't have to face it! I can hide no longer I must get out of those dreaded Black Pants forever!  I will take a photo in my black pants and post that soon.. I need to see a photo of myself in those black pants to face up to the fact I have to get off my arse and loose this weight!

I bought a ' training watch' and it arrived yesterday!!  Can I bring my self to measure myself today.. I shall try....

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Some photo's of my mum's wedding dress I am going to restore! And a photo of the entire contents of my wardrobe!! I have to go through this pile!!

Monday 16th Jan Start of preseason 12 WBT

OMG! Michelle's preseason tasks  start on Monday! I went through my wardrobe yesterday and I would only fit into 5 % if it, with sizes from 8 to 14.  I thought I would take some photo's of some clothes I have that I want to be able to wear (again)!  These outfits are my goals! 

I was going through some boxes and found my mums wedding dress. I soaked the dress in nappy san and I couldn't believe how clean it came up.  It is a beautiful dress but needs some mending. I have decided to restore the dress over the next 12 weeks as a distraction tool. Instead of eating I will be sewing! I will post some photos tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So why have I named this blog Black Pants Syndrome?

If there was such a thing I am sure I have it! I tend to wear only black pants! And I am so over it I am ready to burn them! This is the plan! After I loose the additional 14kg that is attached to butt and various other body parts.

You see I am only 158cm tall and weigh 71.2kg! Which some might say isn't that bad, but to me I feel like a blimp! I have a life style that requires a lot of energy and at this weight I feel like I am constantly anchored down and cant move!

I am 35, mum to two girls 15 and 9 and a husband that is totally obsessed with fishing! I am a nurse, I love gardening and my garden is huge and still needs lots of work,not to mention the house renovations!  I paint art, love cooking for other people, coach Netball and I am a qualified florist as well. I dream of playing married ladies netball next season 14 kg lighter!  

So in order to loose the 14kg and to finally burn the 'BLACK PANTS' I have decided to join Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation! Round 1, 2012!

I am writing this blog for my own accountability I need somewhere to vent my frustrations and to celebrate my achievements! 

Does anyone else out there tend to wear the same clothes because they don't fit into anything they have in their wardrobes and don't dare to try on anymore clothes because of the shear frustration and disgust!

Today I learnt that I  need to try on clothes and be frustrated, like today my husband and I took the kids shopping and my 15 year old had a ball shopping, but I was standing back and dared not to look at any clothes, I'd look at myself in the clothes shop mirror and felt an overwhelming feeling of disappointment and sadness... Today set in concrete why I am doing this! I have to for me!